Dennis Bergkamp

In the ups and downs of the Dutch football, Dennis Bergkamp has made great contributions to the development of the Dutch football. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 10, 1969. Football was introduced into the earth of Netherlands in 1954. From then on, it became the most popular recreational sport in their free time. They playing football from when they were young until an old age people failing to play it on football fields.

As a son of an electrician, he started his playing career form a lower League. When he was an 11-year-old boy, he entered into and became a member of Ajax. Before progress to a second striker and the main striker, he started as a wide midfielder. He began catching the attention of people on football fields from his debut in 1986. After unremitting efforts and long-term sweat shedding on playground, he has made great achievements. With his help, Arsenal won titles of Premier league three times, FA Cup trophies four times and entered in the 2006 UEFA Champions League Final. Another golden era of his career is his managerial career in the Netherlands.

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