Kenneth Dalglish

In the ups and downs of the development of Scottish, many top football stars are written into their history. Since the introduction of modern football, it evolves to the most popular recreational sport among people. Kenneth Dalglish is one of those stars who have won numerous honors and made great contributions to the development of the Scottish football.

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland on Mar. 4, 1951. In his 22-year-long career, he has worked as a player and a manager for many years. He has played for Celtic and Liverpool for many times, scoring 30 goals at 102 matches. For his lifetime achievements, he became one number of Scottish and English Football Halls of Fame. In many matches play with England footballers in England football shirts, he played an important role in his team.

Among the golden era of Liverpool, he won Football League First Divisions six times, FA Cup two times, League Cup four times, FA Charity Shield seven times and European Cup three times. He was awarded a nickname – King Kenny by his supporters of Liverpool. As a footballer having leave deep impression to football fans, various trophies and achievements gained by him are the most obvious evidence of his efforts.

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