Rinat Dasayev

As the most popular sport in Russia, most of people are interested in football to a certain extent. After the broke of Soviet Union, the Russian league returned to its previous status by large sponsorship deals. Many domestic and abroad well-known footballers have played for the Russian league. He has played for the Russia squad many times in Russia football shirt. The Russia national football team caught the attention of people once again when they defeat the competent Netherlands squad in the Euro 2008 before defeated by the eventual champions.

Rinat Dasayev is one of the footballers who have made great contributions to the development of football. He was born in Astrakhan, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union on Jun. 13, 1957. As a coach and former goalkeeper of Soviet-Russia, he has won great achievements in numerous matches at local and international level. Second to Lev Yashin, he was regarded as the second best goalkeeper and the best goalkeeper in the 1980s.

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